This project sprang out of seemingly nowhere.

I’ve thought about mental health and well-being for all of my adult life. I’ve thought about it in the context of my own life and demons, and I’ve thought about it with regard to those I love.

It ain’t easy.

I feel like my community - that of software developers and engineers - is underserved with regard to mental health and suicide prevention, and so the idea for this project began to form.

But it has only just begun to form.

What The Continue Project Is (Or Will Be)

There are a few things I definitely want to include as part of this project (subject to discussion with other founding members).

  1. A safe online space for discussion and community focused on those in the engineering and software development professions
  2. A place for public discussion with willing participants about the lives we lead and how we address our own mental health and well-being
  3. A source of resources for those in crisis or just in need of someone to listen

This is not all it will be, but it’s a start. Or at least the start of a plan.

Bottom line: I want to create a community where discussion about these issues is not stigmatized or frightening for people who might never have had the opportunity to feel safe speaking about them.

What The Continue Project Is NOT

First and foremost, we are not mental health professionals and so we cannot and do not offer medical advice.

We are also not currently a registered non-profit organization, and so we will not be directly accepting donations or operating as a business entity.

We will announce plans for how to handle financial contributions on behalf of The Continue Project in the near future.

What I Hope Will Happen Next

What I hope above all else is that our community will take ownership in this project.

What I mean is that I want the community to drive what this community does.

To craft the resources we make available to each other from content to counseling references.

To find the other resources and organizations that could use more awareness or funding so that we can support each other together.

My plan for starting the process of getting there is to reach out to the coders, engineers, and media creators I already know and try to talk them into taking part, and then they can spread the word and bring in more folks, and so on.

I have a few more ideas in mind, as well, but I’m going to let them marinate a bit and wait for feedback from others.

In any event, if you’re reading this, you’re helping.

I hope you’ll stick around. I hope you’ll take part (as much or as little as you can or wish to). I hope you’ll lean on us when you need us (and feel good about seeking deeper help if you need it).

I hope for much, and I am grateful for all.

Until next time,
John “Fitzy” DeLancey